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Geography SiSinop
Kurucesme Street
Sinop, Black Sea coastline to the north was founded on Boztepe peninsula which extended tapering. A transitional zone between the Western and Eastern Black Sea Region in the provincial lands 41, 2-43, 5 and 34 parallels, 5-35, 5 are located between meridians.
5,862 km2 of Sinop, "an area of ​​8% of Turkey's land" of containers. East of Samsun province "s Alacam, south of Samsun 's Vezirkopru, Corum" s Osmancik, Kargi, Kastamonu "of the Stone Bridge, west of Kastamonu" of the Stone Bridge and is surrounded by districts Çatalzeytin. 475 km. Km.si long borders, the 300 black, 175 km.si sea.
Province of 8 district (central district), 2 resort, 11 municipalities and 465 villages there.
According to 2000 census population of the province is 225,574, according to the census population of 30,502 City Center "is. Districts, Central, Ayancik, Boyabat, Dikmen, Still, Erfelek, Gerze, Sarayduzu, Turkeli "is.
Akliman northwest of the city, located in southeast Hamsilos dark, owing to the former places of shelter.
Batı karadeniz Sinop
Forests and mountains of Sinop
City "section in the surface shapes (74.3%) are not very high mountains that form. Sinop is uneven in general. Black Sea coast to the inner parts have had a significantly elevated. High mountains in the east and northwest. City "in the eastern side of the North Anatolian Mountains surrounded by the branches. These mountains extend parallel to the Black Sea coast. The area is dense, steep and not hard. Not exceed 2000 m the highest mountain.
AYANCIK "ta: Çangal Mountain 1,065 m, 1,750 m Mount Dungeon. Is.
DIKMEN "in: Goktepe Mountain 1.200m.
GERZE "in: Elma and Köse Mountains, 900 meters. Dıranaz 1,345 m. dir.
Boyabat "ta: 1,400 m. Elekdağı. Is.
These mountains are covered with forests. Toward south, Central Anatolia "or the forests is reduced.
Kurugol Plateau
There is no village near Sinop. Gerze Boyabat and is very rich in highland districts. Stable and Boyabat "ta Mehmetli, Aluç, Marif, Day of the flat, Darıözü, born, Yaylacik, Uzunöz, Gum, Bayat, Yassıalan, Gökalan, Refrigerator has plateaus. Gerze "the Altmışdört, making his son, Avlağısökü, Kuzfındık, there are pine Altinyayla. Plateau is located in the town of Turkeli Kurugol.
Plains in Sinop
Sinop "ta shore or river plains plains. The form of flats rather than larger. Most importantly Boyabat Plain. This plain granulomatosis, Arım, Gazidere, constitute Asarcık plains. High mountains, the plains lying between the very productive and watery. Karasu Plain Plain, also called infidel Akliman Aksaz Sarıkum plains and coastal plains. These plains, partly swampy.
Arab Plateau - Catak village
Sinop "ta Boyabat and in districts around the Steady and the Red River" valley of sin is greater than, on a tributary valley granulomatosis. However, there are many small valleys opened sularca smaller streams. These growths have made the rugged territory of the province. Ayancık Gökırmak valley Valley, Valley of Nightmare, include Kanlıdere Valley.
Sinop streams
Sinop is a region of precipitation found in creeks and brooks. These rivers, fed by rain and snow. The waters in the rainy season, rivers are swollen. Decreases or dries during the summer months.
Tea and rivers are not suitable for transportation. Pebble beds, the flow is fast. Utilized for irrigation and transportation of forest products. All Black Sea "to pour.
Are mainly:
Granulomatosis: Kastamonu "is from. Daday "Ballıdağ slopes down to the waters, Daday Stream" comprise. Stone Bridge at the tea "in the sector of the Gölveren Kastamonu" combined with a water passing through s Granulomatosis takes its name. Granulomatosis Boyabat Plain "of the waters and the east, the Red River," a mix.
Red River: Draws the southeastern border of the province. Which is the longest river in the country, the Red River, largest tributary granulomatosis "in Sinop" is defined.
Tepeçay: Sinop "in the town of Kastamonu Turkeli" forms the border between the districts of the Çatalzeytin. Into the sea, is very large.
Ayardin: Çatakgeriş village at 1,000 m altitude rises in the vicinity. Poured into the sea in the east of the town Türkeli. Length of 240 km. is.
Ayancık Creek: Globe Mountains "arising from the merger is composed of many small streams. 90 km long. is, flows into the sea from the town center.
Karasu Stream: Globe Mountains "in the Gündüzlü Forests" is born from. 80 km long. Sinop "s 8 km. west of Sinop.
Çakıroğlu Stream: Dıranaz Mountains "is born from. Sinop is poured into the sea in-between Gerze Cakiroglu. Forms a small delta where it flows into the sea.
Bloody Tea: Uzunöz Mountains "is born of the foothills. There are numerous small arms. Poured into the sea at a place called Çayagzi.
Sarıkum lake
Sinop "There are lots of natural lakes ta. All of them formed in different geological periods. Are mainly:
Sarıkum Lake: Located west of Sinop peninsula Sarıkum Lake, 21 km from the city center. away. 2 Km length of the lake., Width 750 m. and the area is 400 hectares. Multiplies in the winter waters of the lake, which is at sea level and decreases in summer. A small lake fed by streams of water flows into the sea.
Lake Aksaz: Karagol "reputation in the northeast of Lake Aksaz, the sea is almost the same level. A large part of the year, the lake area is 200 hectares of reeds and covered with straw. In the rain season reaches its waters into the sea.
Karagol: Akliman "in a region close to the Aksaz Sankum located near the lakes, at sea level. Area is about 80 hectares. Distance of 40-50 meters to the sea increases in winter to the waters of the lake, the lake dries up in summer.
Leech Lake: It is on Sinop peninsula. Altitude of 210 m. Leech Lake which is around the old crater of a volcano. 1-2 meters deep and dry in summer.
Akgöl: Ayancik County "Ayancik Boyabat road south of 31 Km.de, 4 Km. Located inside Akgöl, often around the forests of the bell is formed in the forest and Akgöl Çangal.
Region of Sinop, Black Sea climate as a feature of the annual rainfall is always covered with forests and vegetation. Forests are both plentiful and varied. Pine, fir, oak, hornbeam, beech, ash, elm and poplar are the main species. Forests are considered to be the sea of ​​trees Çangal, Ayancik, Turkeli and covers nearly all regions Boyabat. Dıranaz, Goktepe, Soguksu Elekdağı Forests and creates a natural and important, is of great value as well as economic aspects.
Beneath the forests wild orchids, primroses, carnations, swallow a little grass, found in plants such as liverworts.
Vegetation in Sinop area, composed of various tree species. Mediterranean plants are also seen along the coast. Oak, laurel, elm, sycamore, the fin erect, dogwood, beech, hornbeam, larch, and Scotch pines, this vegetation, the altitude of 1,800 m.ye Reach tığı spreads over the area.
Gets the climate of the province towards the south. Steppe vegetation in the north is the location of this area of ​​lush vegetation.
Climate Data
Sinop, Eastern and Western Black Sea climate is definitely a place of occurrence of the nested, the province is not very large seasonal temperature differences, the Black Sea climate type is seen in the northern part of the province, the southern parts of the climate impact of the Black Sea gradually decreases. Here, rainfall is reduced, the temperature falls and the steppe climate is seen.
Sinop city an annual average temperature is 14 degrees, the highest temperature is 29.4 degrees, the temperature is -2 degrees Suk button. Annual average relative humidity of 78% is ".
Source: Yearbook of Sinop, 1993
Sinop "ta Places
Sinop Castle
Sinop Castle:
BC 7. y.y. in order to protect the city was founded on the peninsula. Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk period, restored and used. 2050 m. Today, the castle still protects property length, 25 m. height, 3 m. is the width, there are two main entrance gates. The castle is surrounded by city walls.
The prison walls
Sinop Prison:
Shipyards in the area surrounded by highrise ramparts in the middle of the field inside the castle. Because of this feature made it impossible to escape of prisoners. The prison has been used in the Ottoman period in 1877.
Pasha Bastion
Pasha Bastion:
Half the island's south-east 19 y.y. During the Ottoman-Russian war was to prevent the danger from the sea. Half-moon shaped. The bed consists of 11 artillery arsenal, and a cellar.
Pottery Sample - Sinop Museum
Located in the city center. The works are exhibited in the archaeological excavations of Sinop. In its prehistoric, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and ethnographic artifacts, icons are collected from Sinop and its surroundings.
Icon Detail - Sinop Museum
Sinop Museum "of the pieces exhibited in a separate place and in the importance, in terms of art history, which constitutes an outstanding example of the icon collection. The collection of the icons, the icon of Saint Minas, Angel Michael, the icon of Jesus, angels with their foes War II, the icon of Christ and the Virgin Mary, the new icon, the Great Spirit, Jesus and the saints are.
9 km from the city. away. Of fine white sand stretching for miles, forest and sea is famous for almost hug each other in the forest recreation and picnic spots. The beach along the beaches, there are motels and campgrounds.
Dark Hamsilos
Akliman 1 km from the picnic area. away. Entry into the land like a river into the sea, surrounded by pine trees, the beauty would never get tired Hamsilos Fjord, Turkey 's only fjord.
Erfelek Falls
42 km from the city center. away, Erfelek Tatlıca district within the boundaries of the village. Ranked consecutively in the same valley is composed of 28 large and small şelaladen. This feature is unique in the world. Narrow 2 km. long valley, beside the waterfalls, walk for two hours in the beech forest is very enjoyable and exciting. Which is a natural heritage area in the region, trekking, picnics, sightseeing and hunting tourism facilities are provided. Eating and drinking in the region, continues to works related to communication and camping.
İnaltı Cave
Both are within the boundaries of the town of Ayancik. İnaltı cave in the middle of the fir forests of 1070 m. height is located on a plateau. Distance of 50 km. and near the village of İnaltı Akgöl "to 6 km. away. The real depth of the cave could not be disclosed until today. So far, only 2200 m. zone to a depth could be discovered. Average of 15 m. and a height of 12 m. wide. Magnificent stalactites and stalagmites are still in formation stage. In the geological layers of limestone formed İnaltı cave. Road to the cave you can enjoy the beauty of great forests and deep valleys.
In the south of the town of Ayancik Akgöl, Ayancik Boyabat Highway 31 km "Sinden 4 km. is located inside the. Çangal pine forests and surrounded by forest. 1926 for electricity generation "that built the dam around the lake are very beautiful picnic areas.
Akgöl views
2 km from the city. away. Sinop is on the road encircling the peninsula. The current has black sand beaches wonderful. Public and private persons, of hotels, holiday villages, cafes, restaurants, bungalow-type houses, camps, located in the tent. The people of Sinop, hiking trail.
Karakum Beach
Overlooking the inner harbor at the entrance to the city with tree lined beach and beach promenade, picnic, camp and tent area. There are public agencies as well as social facilities ...
General Information
Area: 5,862 sq km
Population: 214,925
Geographic Konumuinop, the Black Sea coastline, which is extended to the north is the sharpest and Boztepe Cape Peninsula was founded on. 41o 12 'and 42o 06' north latitude and 34o 14 'and 35o 26' east longitude, is located in between.
face area of ​​the province that the province is 5862 km2, measuring 0.8% of vessels. The west of Kastamonu, Corum south of the southeast provinces of Samsun, the north is surrounded by the Black Sea. 475 km. km.si long borders, the 300 black, 175 km.si the sea.
The mountains are stretched out parallel to the sea, the mountains rising in the northwest and the coastal plains of the Central district is lowered closer to the coast makes up 9-10 km. Çangal Ayancık'ta highest hills (1,605 m) and Boyabat'ta Dranaz (1345 m) is.
Outside of the Red River valley is the valley of the Boyabat-stationary region. Boyabat lowland plains in Sinop and similar places where the most important.
Important rivers watered plain of Gökırmak Boyabat Kızılırmak'a confused. Çatalzeytin, Ayancik, Karasu, Kanlıçay (Güzelcecay) and Kabalı tea is poured into the Black Sea.
One of the city's northwest, southeast, including one of the two is the port. The main port, is located in the southeast bay. Akliman and shelter in the northwest Hamsaroz dark places of the former periods.
Where to Eat
Cultural diversity in the region has also affected the format of nutrition. Cereals in the diet weight. A majority of the winter vegetables is a factor that enriches the kitchen. Chestnut and quince fruits are used as edible.
Dishes of the region; nokul (raisin walnut and ground meat, yogurt), stewing, corn cake, spoon sticker (mamalika), keskek meal, meat in dough (dough ear), Islam, and corn soup, corn tarhana, vinegared leek, stuffed pan, folding , pumpkin Milles, Passover dessert
Do not Leave Without
Sea pearl of the Black Sea province of Sinop History and Natural wonder of the forest, lake, and Lake, that is a combination Sarıkum I. Role Grade has been declared a nature conservation area, must-see place is a wonder of nature. Due to its large natural harbor has an important role in maritime trade throughout the history of internal and external, which includes the Port of Sinop Karakum and Sarıkum Coast beaches are filled with all kinds of alternatives to the wind in the world, very rarely in the coves, fjords can see.
If you want to see the unique beauty of Sinope;
Akliman from Sinop, Hamsilos Bay, İNCEBURUN, Sarıkum, Ayancik İnaltı Cave, Akgöl, Boyabat rock tombs, houses and Boyabat Boyabat Dranaz Soguksu neighborhood pass by Castle, Sinop Erfelek Tatlıca again saw the team reach the waterfalls.
Sinop's beauty does not stop them.
All the coast of Sinop, can swim in the summer, tourist facilities, as well as the Ministry of Forestry, National Park also easily take advantage of picnic areas.
Sinop to get to know the city center in the garden of the Museum and the Temple of Serapis, Old Sinop Prison (Sinop Castle), Propeller Madrasah and also have to see the works of many Seljuk and Ottoman.
Sinop is famous Nokulunu necessarily, in the meat dough, stuffed pan, Mamalikasını, Sinop Kestanesini will regret not leave without trying.